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    Being Creative With Wellness

    There is no one path that is going to work for everyone. YUJMU is about finding your potential and sometimes that requires creative, playful ways of thinking and acting.


    YUJMU starts small and thinks big for our brand and for you. We are planting the seeds for leading the way to a new level of contentment that merges the traditions of the East with the individuality of the West.


    Our programs offer time-tested practices while encouraging you to find your own way of incorporating them into your body, mind and life.

  • Merge With Your Potential



    A Sanskrit root word variously translated as "to unite" or "to merge". The word and concept of Yoga comes from this word.





    A Japanese word variously translated as "nothing", "not have" or "no". It is used in Zen to refer to emptiness, the way an empty tea cup has the potential to be filled by anything.

  • 5 questions in part 1 of an interview with friend and owner of Wild Wolf's Studio. Learn a bit more about TJ in part 1 and read about Jessica in part 2. Link

    A brief writing collaboration on Wild Wolf's Studio blog. It explores the relation of touch to the experience of Yin Yoga. Link


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  • Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

    Upcoming 2018

    Clifton, Virginia


    3 weekend program



    Washington DC


    3 weekend program



    Tulum, Mexico


    1 week immersion



    Bristol, England


    1 week immersion


    July 20-27

    Washington DC


    3 weekend program



    Toronto, Canada


    3 weekend program



  • Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

    2017 Archive

    Washington DC


    4 weekend program


    April, May, June (x2)

    Bristol England


    1 week immersion


    August 11-18

    Washington DC


    3 weekend program


    September, October, November


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    "I found the yin asana practice like a new gift I can share with my students. A new way to really connect more deeply to the inner self and release mental and physical tension. I found TJ's words on meditation most beneficial, and will continue to practice using the techniques he shared. I found looking at the Chakras and Chi exciting and TJ's passion for his chosen subjects infectious. It has really reiterated how important balance is in my life and I feel that this training has opened my eyes and shed some light on things for me. The grounding practice of Yin is something I am really interested to explore further, as the nourishment gained from it has transformed my thinking."


    "I was confident it would be of a really high standard based on Jess and her fabulous studio & the great teachers she has there but it exceeded my expectations. I feel that you have awakened my interest in a lot of these subjects and I loved that you kept the chakra & meridian lecture very real as I feel I can introduce this in conversation to clients & friends who are interested in the physical & mental benefits of yoga without scaring them off.

    I don't feel selfish spending the money on myself now as I feel that my family & friends have benefited from this course through the changes in me."


    "TJ's training empowered me to find more freedom in the ways I both practice and teach Yin. This experience has opened me up to trying new poses, incorporating complementary practices like meditation & Pranayama and trusting my own unique offerings as I share Yin with others."


    "I applied for this course new to Yin Yoga, with very little practice and experience. The theme of 'letting go' has had a huge effect on my life since the course, starting with just little things during the ten days and I'm still putting it into practice weeks later. I also still meditate, daily, 10 days of practice with Tj and experiencing different techniques has played a huge part in understanding in my home practice. My Yin Yoga practice developed greatly over the week, learning every pose in depth has not only made me feel more connected with my mind and body during my practices but I'm also knowledgeable and confident to teach."

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  • YUJMU Training


    Created from the ground up the YUJMU Teacher Training in Yin Yoga delivers a full spectrum of Yin knowledge, experience and original material.


    Lovingly crafted with an expertise in curriculum design and informed by years of practice and study under numerous teachers, the YUJMU program is one-of-a-kind.


    Content is delivered via insightful visual lectures, group dialogue, a full-color manual (designed exclusively for this training) and of course extensive guided practice.


    Find out more, we LOVE to answer questions!



  • Attain The Skills To:

    1. Guide a yin yoga class of any duration
    2. Develop and refine yin yoga sequences to your preferred themes
    3. Set the proper tone and environment for a yin yoga class
    4. Instruct private yin yoga sessions
    5. Safely cue and adjust a wide array of student needs
    6. Create a safe supportive space for students to let go on a deep sometimes emotional level
    7. Respond appropriately to student questions regarding yin yoga
    8. deepen and explore your own yin yoga practice

  • Learn To Guide Students To:

    1. Listen to their body and the feedback it provides
    2. Explore the limits of their range of motion
    3. Use their breath as a tool to de-stress and relax
    4. Place their awareness in deeper layers of tissue
    5. Release tension throughout their body
    6. Settle and balance their chi and energy
    7. Discover and embrace the unique needs of their body
    8. achieve a healthier level of mobility and flexibility
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    Our Tiny Growing Team > 2017

    TJ Maher

    Owner + Lead Instructor + Designer

    Kate Genton

    Co-Teacher + Model + Editor

  • Proud to have served a growing group of communities.

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