• Meditation & Creativity

    Any endeavor can be done better with an unhindered creative mind. Learn about what creativity is, how to enhance it and how to apply it. Uncover the limitless nature of your imagination via meditation and hands-on creative exercises.


    Creativity and meditation are two qualities of the mind that can advance and benefit anything they are directed towards. Business owners, school teachers, engineers, musicians, chefs, parents and artists are just a few of the endeavors we pursue that can be enhanced by a calm, focused and creative mind.


    2017 / 2018

    Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Meditation Training for Yoga Teachers

    Meditation The Spine & Brain

    Meditation & Creativity

    Yin Yang Yoga

    Yin Yoga & The Parasympathetic Nervous System

    Stretching for Athletic Performance

    Self Massage with Yin Yoga


    Energetic Life

    Zen and Your Life