• Meditation Training for Yoga Teachers

    This training is for teachers of all styles and backgrounds who want to learn to bring their students to the roots of Yoga. Meditation is the foundation and culmination of a Yoga practice. It is often overlooked in today’s yoga classes but has become more accepted by our culture.


    Through this 2 weekend training you will learn the basics of practicing and teaching meditation. Returning to the simplicity that meditation requires while also examining the student experience. Additionally learn how and where to integrate meditation into your sequencing.


    This training is practice-intensive and can be taken as a meditation immersion for those not interested in teaching.


    2017 / 2018

    Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Meditation Training for Yoga Teachers

    Meditation The Spine & Brain

    Meditation & Creativity

    Yin Yang Yoga

    Yin Yoga & The Parasympathetic Nervous System

    Stretching for Athletic Performance

    Self Massage with Yin Yoga


    Energetic Life

    Zen and Your Life