YUJMU’s standardized curriculum empowers Yin Yoga Teachers to safely guide students in the practice of this subtle art.

Whether at a Yoga Studio, Gym, Fitness Center, Community setting or private one-on-one sessions a YUJMU Yin Yoga Certified Teacher is qualified, through a nuanced training program, to guide students on their YINward journey.

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Providing Excellence In Yin Yoga Training Worldwide


The Story Of Our Standards

When we began YUJMU’s 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training we committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards. To our surprise Yoga Alliance (the most renowned Yoga certification body) had no standards for Yin Yoga or for trainings less than 200 hours. We felt then and continue to feel that Yin Yoga’s importance and uniqueness warrant its own designation. As former school teachers and studio managers we began crafting a curriculum which would coalesce the benchmarks of similar trainings, incorporate our insights of scaffolding using contemporary educational methodologies and would include yet surpass outlined by Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour standards.


The Results Of Our Enthusiasm

From these ambitious beginnings we are proud to officially unveil the launch of our YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher Designation. This is the culmination of a lifetime of teaching in diverse fields around the world in both public schools, charter schools, private schools, University as well as years of study ourselves in the field of education at the university level in top New York institutions. We are giddy with excitement as we now look forward to evolving this program to continue to serve the safety and growth of the global Yin Yoga community and it’s needs. We invite you to join us on this journey and together can help the world transition to it’s rest & restore mode :)


The Architecture Of The YUJMU Certification Standards


Our Nucleus


Essential to crafting any curriculum is the need for a sound methodology, a scaffolding on which to support the building of a matrix of learning pathways & levels. We have distilled ours into a 3 part core of Knowledge, Skills and Application. Take a closer look at what roll these play and next we will delve into how we build off of them the rest of the curriculum.



The soil in which we plant all of the other components to becoming a world-class YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher is the academic content. Uploading this knowledge mind-to-mind via lectures and dialogue throughout the program ensures trainees are able to trace their skills and application back to grounded fundamentals.



Every teacher has a toolbox of skills from which they draw upon when they teach. We think of our program as adding more skills to that toolbox. Some of these skills will become more practical than previous ones utilized by the student while others will act as a supplement or useful only in the context of teaching Yin Yoga. All can be sharpened and refined over time.



Knowledge and skills remain isolated or clumsy until they merge through application. Providing a stage on which to perform and in so doing making the components and training part of oneself with each teacher’s flourishes of personality seamlessly weaving it all together. This this portion also provides the time for feedback and self reflection.


Harnessed Through Experience


And The 5 Intelligence Principle Of Education

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+ The 5 Intelligence Principle Of Education


Feature 1

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Equals Safety For Students


It all started when…

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Of Empowered Yin Yoga Teachers


Feature 1

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