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There are countless yoga studios in the world. Every year we carefully research and select studios to reach out to. We have several criteria that we check for at each venue to ensure that we offer the best experience possible to our trainees.

Our LookBook and this page provide all of the details for you to know if this is the right moment to host our training.

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We Come To You

Partner with us & our Global YIN network to empower Yin Yoga Teachers!

Hosting our training is simple to arrange and has enormous potential for your studio to expand its professional offerings and community.

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Have questions? Live Video/Voice Chat, Email, DM or send us some vibes.



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As a former studio manager we know how important your time is so lets jump right in & simplify this. The number one question we are asked in our early correspondence with a venue is:

“What does our studio have to do?”



Work with us to find spots in your schedule to place the training hours.

How We Help

We are quite adept and adaptable at figuring out ways to fit the training in varying studio schedules as each studio has different available times.


Provide persistent, enthusiastic outreach to your community promoting the training.

How We Help

We do marketing in conjunction with yours and so we have a treasure trove of support materials to help you promote, all conveniently in one Dropbox folder that we share with you.


Process registration and payments via your preferred method.

How We Help

Any query about the training can be directed towards us, we love to chat with Yogis, YINsters & students :) We are available at any time to connect with potential registrants to answer questions even via voice/video chat.





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Delivery of Training Program

We come to you to deliver our comprehensive program. We bring all necessary technology and materials with us.

Customized Marketing Materials

We provide you with many options for our ready-to- go marketing materials to help you market and promote this training. We can also customize these materials with your studio logo and additional info.

High-End Training Materials

Each student will receive a full-color YUJMU training manual, additional handouts, and digital copies of all lectures in PDF format.

Website, Promotion & Client Support

We create a custom Spotlight-Page for your studio on our website with all of the details for the training. This page will link back to the training-specific page you create on your website. This allows our SEO and site traffic to work for your benefit!



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Serve Your Growing YIN Crowd

As modern culture’s Yang intensity and practices are catching up to us everyone is feeling the need for balance fueling Yin Yoga’s rapid growth worldwide. Yin Yoga is becoming the must have offering at studios and our 100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training program is for both teachers and non-teachers. YUJMU provides professionally crafted curriculum and comprehensive content all with unparalleled design, visuals and printed materials. Tap more deeply into this expanding demand with YUJMU and our decades of accumulated expertise.

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We are unique in our field with a background in school-teaching and managing yoga studios, plus studying with founders & influencers of Yin Yoga like Bernie Clarke, Stephanie Calhoun, and Corinna Benner.



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As A Former Studio Manager we Hired Yin & Meditation Teachers so We Know Precisely What Is Needed



YUJMU’s 100 Hour Teacher Training is a complete program providing everything a student needs to understand, guide, and practice the nuanced art of Yin Yoga. The program provides an in-depth look at what is happening in one’s body and mind during the practice, how to modify/assist, and the healing effects brought by this practice. In a nutshell we cover the following:

  • Anatomical Variation

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Meridian Channels

  • Muscular Anatomy

  • Connective Tissue

  • Yin Yang Philosophy

  • Meditation

  • Sequencing

  • Chakras

  • Fascia

  • Cueing

  • Joints

  • Asana

  • Chi

  • & more

Yoga Alliance

All of our graduates are endorsed by our YUJMU Certification backed by decades of teaching expertise. We continue to uphold the highest standards for growing & empowering qualified, skilled Yin Yoga teachers that meet the approval and safety needs of yoga studios.


YUJMU & TJ Maher are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider [YACEP] + a registered 5OO RYT + 2OO ERYT



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Multiply Your Client Base

Yin Yoga is quickly emerging in the public awareness - ensure that you are well positioned to offer to these new health-conscious Yinsters. Growing a client-base is an ongoing process for studios, diversifying your offerings of classes and professional trainings excites your community and keeps you ahead of the curve.

Strengthen Client Retention

People are looking to evolve and offering them new pathways is an ideal method for rooting their connection to and appreciation for your studio. Having a spectrum of professional certified trainings on your menu signals to current and new clients that you are always looking to help them add new layers to their journey.

Boost Organic Marketing

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful and impactful marketing tools any business can utilize. Strong social connections can greatly increase word-of-mouth marketing. Such connections usually happen over prolonged meaningful experiences such as this training.

Cultivate Teacher Pathways

Provide teachers from local 200 hour trainings a next step by training your own teachers and subs in Yin Yoga! Plus you will have peace-of-mind that your teachers are highly-trained - reading a Yin book or slowing down Vinyasa is not truly enough. Help your teachers grow & galvanize your community.

Expand Class Offerings/Attendance

A Yin Yoga Teacher Training at your studio increases the overall studio-community IQ for Yin Yoga. Your clients will become more aware of its benefits helping you to grow your class offerings & attendance. Plus having YUJMU- trained teachers/subs readily available fosters your ease of expansion.



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Checklist For Success


Reserve Training Date

  • Select dates to host our training that give you the necessary lead-in time to promote and market it to your community

  • Plant a seed with a short teaser-post about this upcoming training to your social media outlets


Announcement Launch

  • Go Live with official full announcement of this training to your community via your marketing platforms

  • Training-specific page and URL should also go live at this time


Marketing & Promotion

  • Social media posts promoting the training are recommended 1-2 times per week

  • Email/Newsletter promotion recommended once per month

  • Regular in-class announcements mentioning the training


Early-Bird Push

  • Launch a strong marketing push emphasizing early-bird price savings about 2-3 weeks prior to its end date


Training Begins

Proven Tips & Tricks


Announce Early

To achieve successful registration numbers confirm and announce the training dates on your website, ideally with a 12-month lead-in. Less than a 6-month lead-in can still work with strong marketing efforts to inform existing interest in your community for the training subjects.

Promote Weekly

Weekly promotion of the training is essential to filling the spots. It has been shown that seeing an event mentioned multiple times increases registration numbers.

Push Early-Bird

A heavy push of the Early-Bird discount particularly a short time before its expiration can increase registrations significantly.



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Ready To Use + Customizable Promotion

All of our marketing materials are designed in-house and we absolutely looove doing it! We share all of our ready-to-go fresh and lively designs completely free for your use. Browse our Studio Marketing Resource page for various options. Want to use a particular design but wish it had your logo and other info? No problem, give us a shout, and we’ll customize it for you!

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Strategic Growth

We extend our umbrella of a blossoming website traffic strategy to redirect new clients to your doorstep. We also leverage our ongoing Google Adwords Campaign Budget and custom Studio-Spotlight pages to make the training a success for you!






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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We are so grateful and honored to be able to offer so many beautiful testimonials. Hear in our student’s own words what they think of the training and feel the buzz that a YUJMU training can bring to your studio’s Yin programming.

If you want even more, we have tons to check out on our written testimonials page.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★



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Schedule a voice or video chat

Have questions or ready to see if we can come to your studio anywhere in the world? Get in touch directly with TJ to get a sense of his vibe & see if we can make a training fit for you and your community.

We plan our year about 12 months in advance so reach out today & lets chat :)

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