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Studio-Host Marketing Resources

All of our marketing materials are designed in-house and we absolutely looove doing it! We share all of our ready-to-go fresh and lively designs completely free for your use. Browse below for various options. Want to use a particular design but wish it had your logo and other info? No problem, give us a shout, and we’ll customize it for you!



Let us know which designs you would like and we will get them adjusted and uploaded to you right away for your use promoting the training.


See something you want to use to promote the training but feel a few tweaks are needed to market perfectly to your community?  Just let us know what adjustments we can make to a design and we will do our best to match your needs.


YUJMU magazine AD 3.jpg

AD 1

Tulum Final Flyer.jpg

Info Flyer 1

Chi Junky POSTER.jpg

Poster 1

Chi Junky CARDS A.jpg

card front 1

Chi Junky CARDS B.jpg

card front 2

Chi Junky CARDS C.jpg

card front 3

card back 1


card front 4

card front 5

YOGA TREE earlybird.jpg

card front 6

BHNY-yytt MAP.jpg

card front 7

card front 8

BHNY-yytt RELAX.jpg

card front 9

card front 10

YUJMU - Meditation - whitman.jpg

card front 11

card front 12

YYTT summary card.jpg
YYTT @ p1.jpg
YYTT @ p2.jpg
Wild Wolf > YYTT 2018 > Curriculum.jpg
Wild Wolf > YYTT 2018 > Testimonials.jpg
Wild Wolf > YYTT 2018 > Instructor.jpg
Wild Wolf > YYTT 2018 > Studio.jpg
Wild Wolf > YYTT 2018 > Material.jpg