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We structure our curriculum to progressively guide you into stronger understanding and independence in the learning process.


The Soil

Your Experience


The Seeds

Content & Techniques



Repeated Practice

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Flower + Fruit

Observing Results



The Soil


Your experience of your life and your body is the soil in which all other knowledge and learning must grow.  The program continually returns to this notion so that students begin to notice just how much it influences what grows.

In Yin Yoga learning that your body is your guide and not your mind is a key factor in practicing safely.  Knowing how to listen to your body tuning in to the subtle feedback it provides is simply a matter of knowing what to listen for and extensive practice.


The Seeds


Once we have begun using our body as our guide we then begin to overlay that perspective and biofeedback with content & techniques.   This will provide more tools for navigating your inner world. 

Through the program there are numerous content seeds that will connect at various depths for different students.  Each person will begin evaluating what may be helpful for them and what is not directly connecting at the moment.  Some content will sprout quickly right now while others may need time to sprout in the future.




As the content in the program unfolds piece by piece the practice sessions will have more to work with and explore.  The body was our foundation and we put aside the mind earlier, now the mind begins to find its place as the cultivator.  The body is still what we listen to but the mind now becomes a hub for processing and finding the most relevent seeds to cultivate in the moment.

This shift for the mind's role happens as the program develops more and more meditative qualities.  We less & less use the mind as a reactionary guiding tool and more & more use it as a wisdom supporting tool.  Knowing when to practice, how to practice and processing all of the possible options to make the healthiest choices we are capable of, that is the way to cultivate balance.


Flower + Fruit


With our mind now taking its optimal place in navigating our choices with the body as our guide we can begin to look for the effects of our actions.  Some effects will vary and we learn to adjust based on listening deeply to our needs.  We may find some effects to be quite pleasant but these are like a flower; beautiful and entrancing but not the ultimate aim of the practice.

We begin over time to understand what our practice is for in the longterm.  The fruit of the practice is when we begin to experience our wellbeing via balance, equanimity and through feeling how we fit with others and nature.  The fruit returns us to the soil of our experience with new self-created seeds, feelings and ideas all ready to grow in our newfound potential.




The current program for the Yin Yoga Teacher Training is Level 1.



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