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What Works For You

Three Formats To Fit Any Lifestyle



Seven to ten consecutive days of training.


Three full weekends, usually within a single month.


Open to the unique needs of you or your group.


1. Weeklong Immersion



The primary benefit of an Immersion is that by the end you have a strong feeling of what consistent Yin Yoga practice feels like in the body and it feels gooooood.

This format is for you if you:

  • are able to arrange a week away from work

  • prefer to be fully immersed in learning

  • want to experience the cumulative effect of the practices

  • want to complete the training in as short of a time as possible

  • prefer the pace of uninterrupted learning

“My Yin Yoga practice developed greatly over the week”

— Lydia B


2. Weekend Modules



The primary benefit of the Modules is that you develop a strong and unique home practice by the end of the training.  This is emphasized and developed through a home-practice component of this format between the module weekends.

Below are the modules (the same content is covered in the Immersion format)

This format is for you if you:

  • can attend only on weekends

  • prefer to process information over a longer period

  • want a focus on creating/solidifying a home practice



This Module elaborates on all of the components that make Yin Yoga Yin Yoga.  It brings all of the trainees to the same starting point and revitalizes any previous experience or training in Yin.

* It is strongly recommended to complete this module before attending module 3



This module opens the door to all things meditation including Meridian Theory, an exploration of Chi, breath-work and more.  All of this being tied integrally into a fuller understanding and application of Yin Yoga.

* This module stands on its own and may be taken out of sequence if needed



This module rounds out all of the previous content by deepening comprehension of prior knowledge through a study of teaching Yin Yoga.  In addition we further study  the anatomy of muscles, bones and joints.

* It is strongly recommended to complete module 1 before attending this module


3. Customized Schedule + Online


These options are available to individuals or groups who are interested in the training and would like to set their own schedule for in-person or online learning.


In Person

Customized dates & times for in-person Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Coaching are available for individuals or groups.  Tuition cost is similar to or less than attending at a studio and just as simple to book. 

Exclusives available with this option are aesthetic customizations of the manual and other course materials.  Since we handle all design in-house we can personalize any aspect based on your specifications prior to printing (content & curriculum remain the same).

Contact us to align schedules & details.


This online format is in development and we are beta testing it for those unable to attend or arrange an in-person or studio training.  This will provide a unique curriculum structure intended for completion at your own self-directed pace.

Who is this option for: 

  • Individuals who are unable to find time away from home

  • Those who wish to work on their training at odd hours (ie: weeknights)

  • If you are unable to travel/commute to a scheduled training venue

  • Individuals who learn better on their own or in solitude

  • Or any other personal reasons

Contact us for details & tuition cost.