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YUJMU's Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program

Brought to you by the Heart of a School-Teacher, the Mind of an Artist and the Spirit of a Yogi

The 100 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a self contained pathway to become adept at and able to teach Yin Yoga effectively and safely.  The program is structured to provide additional depth to experienced teachers (even those who already teach Yin Yoga) and for beginners with little to no experience with Yin Yoga.  Below you will find an overview of the components of the training within 3 groupings but first here is a bit of what to expect from the overall structure of your time in the training:


The heart of the program is your first-hand experience of the material.


Concepts & techniques are presented in a lively, relatable manner.


A casual, open atmosphere encourages dialogue & questions.


Some outside processing & study ensures the content is relevant to your life.

Program Structure

A general outline of how your time is utilized during training.

Helped Me To Incorporate Yin Into My Life
— Wendy F.


1. The Big Picture


From an aerial view you have a few Formats for how you can engage with the content.  It's all about your current lifestyle and fitting the Yin Yoga Teacher Training into your life and the type of experience you prefer.  Sometimes it's easier to decide based on the vibe of a program so be sure to check out what others' experiences were like in the Testimonial section.



Three options for how training is provided at venues or at home.


We are so appreciative of our students and the time took to share their thoughts, hear what some YINsters have to say.


2. The Special Sauce


Every great recipe begins with great ingredients and we tailor the YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher Training to use only the finest tried and tested ingredients to formulate our Content.  This content is sourced from a variety of current resources, research, first-hand experience of the practices, several Yin Teachers we have studied under plus numerous teachers in other specialized fields.  As for the structure of the Curriculum itself, well, that is just an architectural work of art to us.  How to scaffold learning in a progressive, intuitive manner is one of our favorite things to explore.  Just like an artwork is always evolving to present a message, so too is our curriculum.  Yin Yoga should be relaxing, Yin Yoga Teaching should be relaxing and so too should experiencing a Yin Yoga Teacher Training.  This all manifests via the curriculum.



Take a look at the root code of the program and how it all scaffolds together.


Browse the individual component topics and categories that we weave into our tapestry.


3. Multiple-Intelligence-Based Delivery


Just like Anatomical Variation tells us each body has its own unique ways to express asana we also have our own unique ways to learn.  Multiple-Intelligence Theory is a way of thinking about how different people optimally learn.  The YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher Training uses various methods to ensure absorption of content for all trainees.  Using carefully curated visuals, first-hand experience, trial & error, observational opportunities, lecture, dialogue and more there is always a way for the content to find its way through.



A printed manual meticulously designed in-house for this program.


The foundation of all learning is doing.  We weave it throughout your training.


Communication is key and we constantly evolve & refine our lectures.