April 24 - May 3 • Palm Beach

April 24 - May 3 • Palm Beach

Inner Warmth & Charm Glow From This Little Spot Near The Beach

We saw this cozy little studio with such a cute nook snuggled up near the most pristine beaches you could hope to find. We are overjoyed to bring our training to such an inviting space just a hop from Palm Beach. Be sure to join this one and get that inner glow vibrating before taking a refreshing dip in your inner ocean ;)

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April 24 - May 3, 2020

10 Day Immersion

*See daily schedule below map

Soham Yoga

543 N State SR 7 Suite 109
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

T: (561) 601-2525
E: soham.yoga@icloud.com

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Early Bird
$1,095 USD
[inquire w/ venue for deadline]

$1,295 USD

$2,100 USD
A special discounted rate that reserves 2 spots in the training. It is available only when 2 students register and pay together.
[Inquire with the venue for special policies relating to cancellation and payment.]

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Daily Schedule For This Venue

What To Expect From Your Daily Training Schedule —>

What to prepare prior to attending —>

  • Each venue has a different schedule as we work around studio classes and space availability.

  • We cover the same complete content at all venues regardless of schedule and total hours.

  • Breaks are provided throughout the day.

  • Prepare for the schedule listed below, the start times rarely change but allow flexibility for end times which may vary (ending slightly early or running slightly over).

  • The content is prioritized but we are mindful of our student’s mental and physical needs throughout the day.

FRI > 10:15am-6pm

April 24

MON > 7am-4:45pm

April 27

THU > 7am-4:45pm

April 30

SUN > 7am-5pm

May 3

SAT > 7am-5pm

April 25

TUE > 7am-4:45pm

April 28

FRI > 10:15am-6pm

May 1

  • FRI > 10:15am-6pm

  • SAT > 7am-5pm

  • SUN > 7am-5pm

  • MON > 7am-4:45pm

  • TUE > 7am-4:45pm

  • WED > 7am-6pm

  • THU > 7am-4:45pm

  • FRI > 10:15am-6pm

  • SAT > 7am-5pm

  • SUN > 7am-5pm

SUN > 7am-5pm

April 26

WED > 7am-6pm

April 29

SAT > 7am-5pm

May 2