August 7-16 • Cranston

August 7-16 • Cranston

A Robust Yoga Spot To Supplement Your Training

Raffa Yoga offers more than just a groovy space to practice and study in. Here you will find tasty snack and juices for our break times in-house, a cozy cafe seating/reading area and numerous specialty services to enhance or balance your Yin Training experience. We are very excited to partner with a studio that thinks big but still embraces the little things that help yogis thrive.

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August 7-16, 2020

10 Day Immersion

Raffa Yoga

19 Sharpe Dr
Cranston, Rhode Island

T: (401) 463-3335


Early Bird
$1,095 USD
[inquire w/ venue for deadline]

$1,295 USD

$2,100 USD
A special discounted rate that reserves 2 spots in the training. It is available only when 2 students register and pay together.
[Inquire with the venue for special policies relating to cancellation and payment.]

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