Specializing in making you the best Yin Yoga Teacher you can be.
Yogasana is by far the best mat for Yin Yoga, it’s a surface I can actually enjoy putting my face on everyday.
— TJ Maher [YUJMU Founder + Lead Teacher]


Behind every Yogasana yoga mat is a weaver, his/her family, and a community whose connection to yoga spans centuries. Yogasana provides their workers with fair wages and healthcare to support their families. They are dedicated to providing eco-sustainable yoga mats to practitioners of all levels and backgrounds.  Enhance your practice, don't let synthetic materials come between you & the Earth.

  • Hand-Woven

  • Natural, Chemical-Free Cotton 

  • No electrical power is used

  • Washable

  • 15 year gaurantee

Each Mat

  • Begins by acquiring cotton from their preferred mill. The cotton can be traced to local farmers in the region.
  • The cotton is dyed using a natural process. The residual dye water is treated and used to irrigate adjacent vegetable fields and fruit orchards.
  • The dyed cotton dries in the sun and then is issued to weavers. The weaving lineage of these craftsmen dates back several generations.
  • The mat is woven on a manual loom. It takes 3 days to weave a single mat.