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Guiding students to become empowered Yin Yoga teachers.


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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Dates


July 20-27

Bristol england • wild wolf's studio

august 12-19

Toronto Canada • yoga tree studio


October 3 weekends

washington d.c. • be here now yoga

November  3 weekends

toronto canada • Chi Junky studio

December 1-8

phoenicia ny • Menla buddhist retreat center

One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Made
— Sarah M.
Definitely Appreciating My Fascia More
— David M.
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I Have Done A Lot Of Trainings And Yours Was By Far The Best
— Jenny C.
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How We Empower Yin Yoga Teachers

My Family & Friends Have Benefited From This Course Through The Changes In Me.
— Kathy M.
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Following The Heart

A Bit About TJ + YUJMU

I started YUJMU to do all of the things I love: learning with & about people, researching endlessly, creating, creating, creating, sharing love and relaxing people.  A lot has been learned since YUJMU began empowering Yin Yoga Teachers all over the world and much more is still to come. 

If there is anything significant that I have learned thus far it is that relaxing people is relaxing and that being a human truly is a miraculous opportunity.  Utilize your time to love others, love yourself, expand your hearts/minds and have a wondrous awe of the whole experience.

Lets chat about your goals & the training to see if enrolling to become a Yin Yoga Teacher is the next step for you: