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Empowering Yin Yoga Teachers + Practitioners


“One Of The Best Decisions I've Made”

~ Sarah M.


If You’re On Earth We Are Nearby

Each year we expand our offerings worldwide so we can get Yin and active relaxation to as many people as possible. If we aren’t coming to a venue near you this year be sure to contact our partner studios and let them know you want a YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher Training at one of our previous or upcoming venues ASAP.

If we aren’t close enough to you we are always looking for new venues to partner with so feel free to contact us and let us know who we should get in touch with.

Finally we also do private or small group trainings that can be arranged in accord with your specific needs, schedule and location. Its easy to set up so take the first step and inquire for more info :D

Helped Me To Incorporate Yin Into My Life
— Wendy F.
So Much Love For This!!
— Lisette H.
My Family & Friends Have Benefited From This Course Through The Changes In Me.
— Kathy M.

Following The Heart

A Bit About TJ + YUJMU

I started YUJMU to do all of the things I love: learning with & about people, researching endlessly, creating, creating, creating, sharing love and relaxing people.  A lot has been learned since YUJMU began empowering Yin Yoga Teachers all over the world and much more is still to come. 

If there is anything significant that I have learned thus far it is that relaxing people is relaxing and that being a human truly is a miraculous opportunity.  Utilize your time to love others, love yourself, expand your hearts/minds and have a wondrous awe of the whole experience.

Lets chat about your goals & the training to see if enrolling to become a Yin Yoga Teacher is the next step for you:


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I Have Done A Lot Of Trainings And Yours Was By Far The Best
— Jenny C.