New Student

Welcome To The Training

We are looking forward to working with you and this page will begin to prepare you.  You are either attending a Weeklong Immersion or Weekend Modules.  Please read carefully through this page as some information pertains to only one or the other format.

This training will cover a large amount of content and practice that immerses you in Yin mentally and physically.  There will be significant introspection, self reflection and sustained sensations throughout the body in the asanas.  If you have any health conditions or emotional concerns that we can help prepare/adapt for, you may reach out to us at any time to discuss.

* If you have any recent/significant physical/mental trauma or health changes/concerns consult with your chosen medical professional to ensure that this is an appropriate time for you to attend.

Contact us at any time with any questions, we love to chat :)


Time & Energy

The training will use up your energy and focus even though it is also relaxing.  The training will be immersive and previous students have found attempts to maintain any work, teaching or other things that you may plan to do (if you live locally) distracting and tiring.  It is advised that you clear your schedule on training days.


To graduate from the training and be certified to teach you must complete the following:

  • Read the Tao Te Ching (begin now)
  • Write a 2 page essay (begin now)
  • Maintain a regular journal
  • Read the manual (provided on the first day)
  • Attend all scheduled contact hours
  • Complete the Teaching Practice during the training
  • Weekend Module trainees will also complete Home Practice hours assigned between modules.

What to Bring

  • a sealable water/tea bottle
  • comfortable clothing (we recommend you bring something for hot & cold temperatures)
  • any yogi gear that will make you more comfortable: mat, blanket, strap, eye pillow, etc.
  • a notebook and pen/pencil (a manual will be provided to write in as well)
  • your positive energy and motivation to learn :D
thermo (1).png
notebook (2).png




Read (or re-read) the Tao Te Ching and be prepared to ask questions or discuss it.  Stephen Mitchell does an excellent translation but you may purchase/bring any translation that you like.  It is a minimal, poetic text and will provide the philosophical root of our training.

format Notes:

  • If you are attending the Weeklong Immersion format then you must complete the reading before the first day of training.
  • If you are attending the Weekend Modular format you must complete the reading before attending the 2nd and/or 3rd modules.


    • Each trainee will be expected to contribute thoughts and opinions about the text during group discussions.
    • Trainees may be called on (casually) to test their comprehension of the material.

    “Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?”

    — Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching





    Write a 2 page essay on your experience and understanding of Yin Yoga.  You may also write about what your expectations are for this training or what you plan to do with your new skills. 

    format Notes

      • Identical for all formats


        • Must be submitted via email prior to first day of training
        • May be submitted as a printout on the first day




        During the training you will also be expected to journal during the evenings, off hours or between modules to help process what you learn.

        You will be expected to journal about your experiences of the training and the Tao Te Ching reading.  This will assist in processing, personalizing and recording your experience of Yin & Meditation (it will be a great resource to you when you go on to teach).  We will check the journal but not its content, we will discuss specifics on the first day but be sure to bring something to write in as the manual will not provide space for extensive journaling.

        format Notes:

        • If you are attending the Weeklong Immersion format you will journal each evening after the training times or throughout the day as preferred.
        • If you are attending the Weekend Modular format you will journal in the time between modules in relation to your home practice hours/sessions.
        • You may begin journaling for either format as soon as you begin reading the Tao Te Ching (recommended to begin soon after you register).


          • Checked during the final 2 days of training.


          Resources: Apps


          These apps will be referenced during the training and you may decide to use them or find your own alternative options.  It is recommended you take a look at these and become familiar with how they work prior to the training.  These apps are not at all required nor is a device of any kind needed during the training.  We will discuss using timers for home practice & teaching as well as alternative options if you prefer.


          Insight timer

            • Available free on iOS and Android this app will be useful for timing home practices and/or teaching
            • Download:


              • Available free and only for iOS this app (or find a similar app) is helpful for teaching and time tracking during a class.
              • Download