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* * Continually provided in digital form the manual is being replaced in 2019 with the more versatile Yin Yoga Asana Decks and the book Yin Nuance: The Tao of Practicing & Teaching Yin Yoga written by TJ Maher with foreword by Bernie Clark. These are given to all students included with their registration.
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The YUJMU Manual

Our training manual goes above and beyond the standard printouts and copy-shop manuals.  We fill The YUJMU Manual with significant full-color content on every page.  We wanted a manual that you would enjoy casually picking up for years after you graduate or that would look professional should you use it on the fly while teaching.   But we wanted it to be even more for our students so we are always evolving it and have it already in its second edition.  Ultimately the manual will expand into our upcoming book on Yin Yoga making these manuals collectors items ONLY AVAILABLE by taking a YUJMU Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


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Complete Asana Reference

The manual's primary purpose is as a printed reference for all of the numerous Yin Yoga asana that we study during the training.  In addition to the thumbnail pages where you can see all of the asana at a glance there are individual spaces where each asana is highlighted with room for your notes.

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Custom Design

We have decades of Fine Art & Design training that goes into our custom design of the manual cover to cover.  We develop and evolve the aesthetic to make it as user-friendly as possible.

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supplemental content

The training has content in all corners, wherever you investigate you find more, just like in our lives and bodies.  The text content in the manual is intended to help reinforce and supplement the content covered in the training lectures but it is written from its own perspective providing you with more layers.

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high quality printing

When we print something we want it to look slick and impressive.  Whether its the 40+ pages of the manual and its binding or the nuanced shiny graduate certificates we want our students to be excited to have what we print on a wall or a coffee-table for future pondering.