About TJ

>> TJ began piecing together YUJMU around 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since, he does look in a lot though. Learn more about him in his own words below. >>


Relaxing People Is Relaxing

I grew up as an artist, fully and completely that was my lifestyle for the first half of my life. The thing about art for me was self exploration. One of the directions you could go as an artist was the more commercial product creation mode of contemporary art but I was a romantic at heart (still am) and so I needed my art to be about my own evolution and expansion. I created things that would challenge my understanding of myself, wether it was painting, digital design, performance, video it was always about breaking through to something new in me. This course of inquiry puts you on a freight train straight to Buddhism which I discovered before finishing my B.F.A. and quickly immersed myself in while still pursuing art.

It didn’t take long to realize my personal self discovery wasn’t a product that was going to make me a living so having always taught local art classes to kids I went fully into becoming a middle school art teacher right after completing my M.F.A.

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I find the spirit of learning to be a profound and rejuvenating energy to be a part.


By this point I had done a lot of study in pursuit of Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Yoga, etc. Teaching full-time actually stirred a deeper need for calming practices found in these traditions. If you’ve ever been or known a school teacher you’ll know why chilling out at the end of the day is a high priority for teachers. I loved teaching but I felt the school systems weren’t where I needed to be and one summer after reading Bernie Clark’s The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga I took three Yin Trainings (Summer’s off for school teachers was pretty sweet))). Soon after that I quit teaching to pursue becoming a full on Yogi of some kind, not fully even knowing what that meant.

And in a nutshell here I am, I have never felt something so organically develop and fit into place before as this YUJMU thing has. All I have learned and loved over my lifetime finally feels like it’s working together to provide something very special and useful to myself and others. Thats really the crux of it too, being able to actually thrive running a business selling something requires a belief in it. My art I had passion for and belief in how it benefitted me but I never felt other’s needed my art. With Yin Yoga and Meditation I know deeply in my heart that people profoundly benefit from this and I will do everything I can to make it accessible to the whole world.