Daily Schedule Synopsis

Daily Schedule Synopsis

A Day In Your Yin Life

What to generally expect when you attend a training -
Spoiler Alert: *SMOOTHIES

We have so much fun crafting our daily and weekly schedule at each venue. There are almost always studio classes to work around so the schedule varies from venue to venue but this page will give you a sense of what you can expect logistically and a more personal experience in the sidebar. We recommend you contact the particular venue you would like to attend to inquire about exact times of the daily schedule.

*We have no actual control over wether we can find smoothies nearby but boy will we try ;)

Check out the epic! IG story to the right created by & documenting the personal experience of the training by a pair of our students —> —> —> —> —> —> —>

The times of day depend on the studio and vary depending on their unique class schedule. We work with the venue to provide roughly 3 main phases to your day:

  1. Each day begins with a cozy guided Yin session followed by a sharing circle to check in with everyone.

  2. After a short break we get into a lecture or asana study each day.

  3. Then after our longer break we finish the day with another lecture or asana study depending on the day and if the group seems like they need mental work or physical work :)

We would schedule smoothies around the clock but we find its important to spend a good chunk of time studying & practicing too ;)


Our ideal time bracket for each day is 7am-4pm/5pm but as stated above this can vary widely based on venue class schedules that we have to work around (check your venue for exact times before registering).


We start each day as early as we are able in the studio doing a Yin session. Let’s call this time-slot A which includes a short breakfast/snack break; let’s be real though this is a smoothie break for us if we can find a place nearby. Soon after we jump into some lecture or on some days we will do some Asana Lab. Let’s call this time-slot B which goes right up to our larger break time. Depending on the time of day this is our Lunch or Dinner time or time for a nice long walk :)

The final time slot of the day is either lecture or Asana Lab whichever we didn’t do earlier. Let’s call this time-slot C which takes us right up to the end of each day which varies based on when we began the day. This part of the day is the most flexible and we adjust as needed.

  • time-slot A = morning practice + sharing circle

  • time-slot B = lecture and/or asana study

  • time-slot C = lecture and/or asana study



During Your YINmersion Week

Based on studio needs we run our programs over 8-10 consecutive days. The times of day may be adjusted to compensate but the content covered is always the same.

The first third of the week covers the basic asana as well as the lectures on Yin Yoga and Anatomy.

The second third of the week covers all of 4 meditation based lectures plus additional asana.

The final third of the week covers teaching, the Tao Te Ching, the final asana and the Teaching Practicum.

You can learn more about the content and curriculum (which varies day to day) on their associated pages but what you can expect to have everyday of your training is:

  • Asana Lab

  • Lectures

  • Sharing Circle

  • Dialogue

  • Notes + Journaling

  • Dialogue

  • Meditation Methodology

  • Yin Yoga Sessions

  • Yin Yoga Teaching Styles

  • Breaks